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Kids Halloween Party Themes

Kids Halloween parties are always tons of fun, and loved by all, but why not try putting a spin on the Halloween party you throw every year? Kids Halloween party themes are a great way to change up your classic Halloween party. Whether you use your kid Halloween party theme to suggest costumes or just decorate accordingly, party themes for Halloween are a great way to spice things up!

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Try out these kids Halloween party ideas and add your own creative touch:

Monster Mash: Host a monster Halloween party with cute monster cupcakes and brightly colored decorations with googly eyes. A great way to extend this theme is to label classic party food and candy with scary names like licorice as “monster hair.” Tell your guests to dress up like monsters or have a craft for them to make their monster costumes at the party. An easy way to do this is to purchase blank masks and provide craft materials like eyes and feathers.

Halloween Carnival: Host a Halloween carnival by changing up the classic carnival games with a Halloween theme. Try spray-painting plastic bowling pins white, orange, and yellow to make it candy corn bowling! Or, try guessing the amount of candy corns in a big bowl. Give kids tickets for each party game as well as for other contests, like best costume, or most creatively decorated pumpkin. At the end, let them trade their tickets in for a pumpkin and delicious homemade Halloween treats.

Pumpkin Party: Decorate with lots of orange and pumpkin decorations for this party. Have all of your guests bring their own pumpkin and provide them with paint, markers, glitter, paper, and everything they need to decorate their pumpkin. If the kids are older, or their parents are invited too, try pumpkin carving! An easy party favor from this party (besides their pumpkin) is a photo keepsake. Take pictures of everyone with their pumpkin, and include a photo in a free thank you eCard to each guest.

Haunted House: This is a classic Halloween party theme, but can be done up to make it one to remember! If you have a big backyard, try extending the haunted house out there. To make this more fun, set up a scavenger hunt for the kids. Each clue will lead them to another spooky location around your house or yard where they will have to talk to a scary ghost or touch brains and eyeballs (grapes and spaghetti) to get the next clue. The prize at the end of the Halloween scavenger hunt can be a bag of Halloween goodies for each guest!

Costume Swap: This is a great party to have about a week before Halloween. Old costumes often go to waste after being worn only once, so why not trade them? Invite kids over and ask them to bring an old costume that might fit their friends or their friends’ siblings. Serve classic Halloween party food like candy and pumpkin treats while the kids check out each other’s costumes. If the kids are very young, or might get upset over choosing costumes, leave the swapping to the parents and provide activities like pumpkin decorating for the kids.

These kid Halloween party themes are just some of the very many ideas you could use for your celebration this year, so get creative!

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